A Mime Tale
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Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date February 2014
Written by GabiAprilHaleyandScraps9
Directed by Everyone else
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Scraps the Frankenstein Pillow Runs Away


Goldie makes everyone exclude Charlotte; Bridgette takes ballet lessons.


Charlotte is walking her invisible pet one day when all of a sudden, she spotted everyone at the Button Park

Jewel: You know, I don't wanna bully Charlotte, bullying is mean.

Everyone: Yeah!

Goldie: No! Do as I say or you're all expelled!

All: OK!

Charlotte:… *waves hand*

YoNang: You are so STUPID, can't you even say hello?

All: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Suzette: Charlotte is a stinky mime!

Goldie: I have a idea, Let's call her Stinky Mime!

All: Stinky Mime! Stinky Mime! Hahahahaha!

Charlotte: :( *leaves Button Park to Pickles diner*

Pickles: I'm sorry, but no mimes allowed at Pickles Diner!

Charlotte: :(

Charlotte thinking: Why dosent anyone like me!?!

Later, Jewel and the popular girls were having another one of their frilly frou-frou tea parties

Jewel: Hey! There's Charlotte, should we invite her?

Goldie: Charlotte? No way, why would I want her to come?

Charlotte: *wants tea*

Confetti: GO AWAY!


Bridgette: And that's my ballet about stopping bullying!

Hilary: NOOOOO!


Suzette,Tippy,Pix E,Ivory,Cinder,Lady,Cloud E, Mango, Scraps: *fake laugh at Charlotte*

Berry: No one likes you, Stinky Charades!

Dyna,Rosy,Ember: Haha!

Bea,Dot,Spot,Mittens: Stinky Charades! Stinky Charades!

Charlotte: :,(

Peanut: Hi Charlotte!

Misty: Why are you sad?


Peanut: Don't let it get to you, Charlotte

Misty: Goldie is only jealous of you, everyone else has to follow her orders


Peanut: Sure we can be friends!




  • This is the only episode where Bridgette does not say what has gone on here?

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