I was wondering if anyone knows how to do animations. If so, I would really like it if Meet the Lalaloopsy Girls! were animated. Also, we can do voices.


Jenny Williams and Rachel Lambton have decided to hire an animator called Mike Inel, who is an expert at anime, to do the animation. If that doesn't work, they'll do the animation using ToonBoom or Anime Studio. Luckily, Mike has agreed to give Jenny and Rachel lessons on how to draw characters in anime style.

Other FactsEdit

The people that are called snobs and bullies on the Ep.1 page are Hilary and her followers. Hilary has red hair. Elizabeth has brown hair and wears a pink tank top and light gray shorts. Kate has blonde hair and wears a pink T-shirt and blue shorts. Ashley has dark skin and brown hair and wears a white T-shirt and a blue skirt. Chi-Len has light skin and black hair and wears a light blue jacket and gray capris. Margarita has tan skin and black hair and wears a white T-shirt and light blue jeans, and Nate has honey-blonde hair and wears a white shirt and blue shorts. Bridgette has strawberry blonde hair and wears a dark blue T-shirt and a light blue skirt. For the outfit Hilary wears, go here.

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