Bea spells a lot anime style by squiishybuns-d88q2ys
Bea spells a lot by minoraspatchworkart-d6aqzfv
Bea spells a lot by kamiflor-d4u48kp


Bea is the smartest and most well-read resident of Lalaloopsy Land. She owns the largest collection of books in her own personal library. Whenever her friends need information, Bea is the girl with the right book for the job. She acts as Lalaloopsy Land's very own teacher and loves to educate the Littles.


She appeared in every episode along with the 8.



She has a little sister named Specs. 


Crumbs Sugar Cookie Jewel Sparkles Tippy Tumblelina and more


Because of her nerdy behavior, she resents romance.


  • Her real name is Beatrice.
  • She is very doubtful of Specs.
  • She is the most smart.

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