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Blossom Flowerpot is a protagonist in Lalaloopsy:Nuu Majikaru, Nuu Kawaii


Blossom, unlike other girls, loves digging in the dirt. She loves Earth, flowers, plants, and bugs! The littles believe that Blossom can grow anything. She has somewhat of a grudge against Forest, because he chops down trees. She is also very patient, even when it takes forever.


She has not appeared in a episode yet.



She has a little sister named Petal.


She has a clique consisting of herself,Mari Golden Petals, Happy Daisy Crown, Bluebell Dewdrop, and Rosebud Longstem However, Rosebud was kicked out of the clique.


No one!


  • It should be noted that Blossom is of Hispanic Descent.

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