Crumbs sugar cookie lalaloopsy by merudie-d66hyvz
Lalaloopsy crumbs sugar cookie by glitterati24-d6ngv9e
Sew cute by candiegurrl-d4ew6hs
Lalaloopsy by azultg-d6zhc26


Crumbs is the best baker in Lalaloopsy Land! She loves to start her day by baking all her favorite treats. All of her friends love going to her for her yummy baked pastries. She finds most problems can be solved by quickly popping something into the oven.


She appeared in every episode, along with the original 8.


Family Edit

She fights with Sprinkle sometimes.


Her BFFs are Pickles, Pepper, and Berry.


She hates boys, because they are childish.


  • Her specialties are cherry chocolate cupcakes and strawberry sugar cookies.

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