Lalaloopsy dot starlight by bakerchemi-d7i02xp


Dot Starlight is the most profound stargazer in Lalaloopsy Land. She is a dreamer who always has her head in the clouds, distracted by the many wonderous thoughts, ideas, and beautiful sights surrounding her. She loves science, which explains most of her vocabulary as Dot prefers using the scientific name for many specimens.

She is very interested in space and science. She is also prone to daydreaming. She is unpopular at her school and gets put down by others because of her skin color. She uses technologies and gets the latest news before anyone else. A running gag is that when Bea suggests a complicated idea, Dot makes it more simple. She is in the Heart Patch Finders along with Bea and Berry.


Every episode



She has a bird.


Her BFFs are Bea and Haley.


None at the moment


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