Hero Squad
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Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date February 2014
Written by GabiAprilHaleyandScraps9
Directed by Everyone else
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Dyna, Ember, and Rosy start a hero squad; Bridgette dresses up as a hero and defeats Hilary.


The opening is set in a comic book-like scene,Bridgette, dressed as Wonder Woman, runs throughout the scene, trying to catch a evil blob

Bridgette: You're no match for me, evil blob!

Then, Bridgette dramatically catches the evil blob

Dyna: I am a hero, but I have no sidekicks! 


Dyna: I know! I will start a hero squad with two of the best life saving lalaloopsies! Besides me.

Rosy: So, why are we here again?

Dyna: To start a hero squad!

Ember: Um…not bad.

Dyna: Ember, you have fire powers, and Rosy, you can wrap bad guys up with your bandages!

Rosy: Okay, does the villain get hurt?

Dyna: Villains are SUPPOSED to get hurt!

Rosy: Umm...ok.

Later, Dyna, Ember, Rosy, Tiny, Red, Stumbles, Bear, Racoon, Dalmatian, Chili Pepper, Hedgehog and Teddy Bear set out to find some bad guys,

Original 8: HELP!

Dyna: look! They are tied up to a railroad track!

Ember: And the rest of Lalaloopsy Land is going to get them!

Tiny, Red and Stumbles: OH NO!

All: Mwhahahahahahahahahahahah!

Rosy: Eat on this, Stupidheads! *wraps the train up in bandages and frees the eight*.

Peanut: Hahahahahaha! This was just a prank! You should've seen your faces, now you can! *takes photo*.

Dyna: (Mad and sad at the same time as the Lalaloopsies are bullying her)


Bridgette: Oh no!

Hilary: Mwhahahahahahahaha!

Bridgette: *defeats Hilary*.


Dyna's anger is starting to get out.

Dyna: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *causes total destruction to the town*.

Rosy: Escape!


Bridgette: (instead of saying what has gone on here she does a confused face)




  • Dyna acted like a villain instead of her heroic nature