Lalaloopsy mango tiki wiki by ke4ever-d548027


Mango Tiki Wiki is Lalaloopsy Land's very own hula dancer! She is a tropical island girl who has a personality that shines brighter than the sun! She’s a perky and upbeat girl who loves to listen to island music and play her ukulele. She can throw the best luaus in all of Lalaloopsy Land! Mango can often be found outside playing or just enjoying the weather while practicing her hula-dancing. She is also very crafty, as she loves to make fresh flower bracelets and leis, and she can even carve a ukulele out of an plain coconut. With her around, every day is a party…or, a luau!




She has a sister named Kiwi.


She is a member of the Best Friends Group.



  • Her favorite song is "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys.

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