This is a new wiki. We need it to be polished and nice like the LCD wiki, the LLH wiki, The Land Wiki, The Fanon Wiki and the Buttons wiki cause they are featured on wikia

Here's our format for the character pages:

First add a picture of the chararcter in anime style  (anime style is optional)

Then add the sections, make sure its Heading 2 cause we don't want this wiki to be lazy and ugly

Here are some samples of the Lalaloopsies in anime style:


Add what the character behaves like


If she is in the 8, say she appeared in every episode along with the 8 if she isn't in the 8 say she didn't appear in every episode


Use Heading 3 in this section


Add her sibling, if he or she dosen't have a sibling, write about their pet


Add their friends


Add if they do or don't have a crush


Add who they hate


Fun facts!

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