Peanut Big Top is a light skinned girl with pink cheeks and a small red star marking below her left eye. She has neon purple hair with wrap-styled bangs slanted towards the left with the rest of her hair pulled into pigtails held with orange bows.

She has worn many outfits, but her main consists of a white frilled top with red polka-dot print and a pink latex-material belt. Her skirt is orange with lighter orange tulle layers, while on each arm is a long red fingerless glove. On each leg she wears black and white striped stockings with a red heart patch sewn on to one leg, along with a pair of pink boots with orange-red straps.


"Aww, come on! Books are ugly, not beautiful! Sheesh!"

Voice ActorEdit

Malia Ashley Kerr

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes: Practicing new tricks, making jokes, and pulling silly pranks

Dislikes: Being quiet


April 1st

Allies and EnemiesEdit



Dyna Might (sometimes)

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