Pillow and crumbs by glitterati24-d778n3s
Lalaloopsy pillow featherbed by glitterati24-d6nbzw8


Pillow was Bridgette's first ever doll. She's often sleepy and works at a mattress shop. Her boss is always mean to her and threatens to fire her. Her best friend is Little Bah Peep.

She is also a bit narcoleptic and has fatigue. Apart from that, she is also a little bit sassy. She is constantly annoyed by the other toys' hair-brained schemes and also a bit sarcastic. She also has stage fright. She is dorm mates with Peanut.


Pillow has appeared in every episode along with the 8.



Her kid sister is Blanket. 


Her best friend is Bah Peep.


Pillow is not interested right now.


  • She ran away in the movie.
  • Her favorite cookies are chocolate chip.
  • Her favorite movie is Bedtime Stories.

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