Today we are going to do a vocaloid song where Suzette sings it to explain her biggest dream.

When I wake up today on a luxurious canopy bed

I see a well cooked pastry, and a voice that says good morning your majesty

After that I take a candle lighted bath, in a bathtub filled with bubbles

Buried in a load of them, I suddenly wake up for real

I've been having this dream, since I was 1 years old

I am no longer very beautiful, so even my prince I think would leave


Not those characters you have in your mind, every girl has this wish


  • luxurious clothes and jewelry and valueable things appear*

As darkness fills the sky...under the starry chandeliers, on a rococo kind a styled balcony

I wanna feel the night breeze alone... A dress with very cute ribbons and frills

Can only worn if there is elastic shirrings I guess I cant resist the carbohydrates after all

Even though iv'e slimmed down one bit, but I really wanna b a pwincess

I won't be discouraged by other people's icy looks.... my maiden heart is erupting once again today

So please understand my I really wanna b a pwincess

How could you say Grow up and face reality, girls must live with their dreams

Otherwise they will fade away, just when will you come for me

My attractive prince in a carriage that would tease me so,...

My life's plan is a real mess now, so ride in your carriage, limo, or walk right now

Or Skype or write or whatever you have, anythings fine JUST COME FOR ME ALREADY!!!

I really wanna b a pwincess I won't let anyone interfere with my ambition

My luxurious garden, will be surrounded with elegant flowers, and my dinners will be always royal

When I do become a pwincess, I will shop all the time till I get tired of it!!!

So until that time, I will show people that I am worth it

And keep visiting beauty salons..., please come for me my prince

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