Tippy is the most talented ballerina in all of Lalaloopsy Land. She's a girly girl, who loves being on stage... even though sometimes she falls off the stage. She is exceedingly graceful and loves putting on recitals for all her friends.

She was a ballerina doll brought over from England. She is very posh and sophisticated and clumsy and ditzy at times. 
Tippy tumblelina by zeldacw-d5o0w3i



She likes her sister Twisty


She is in the Best Friends Group along with Jewel, Pix E, Suzette, Goldie, Ivory, Confetti, Lady, Cinder, Scraps, Cloud E, Mango, Tuffet, Snowy, Toffee and Rosebud


she hates all of 'em


  • She also loves fashion becauses she makes dresses for Jewel and Pix E

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