Her personality is pretty much unknown, because she's often quiet and mysterious, but it's said that she lost her special someone and died, but revived as a ghost doll after a few years.


We tried to get her to appear in every episode along with her LaTale family, but she likes to be so mysterious and quiet she said she would just have appearances every 10 episodes! So she would first appear in episode 20, which would be a Halloween episode.


Starting from Season 7, she will become somewhat of a main character. She can now transform into a normal girl, but make her mad...GHOST! GHOST.



Does LaTale monster dolls count?


Her lost special someone


Her lost special someone


  • She was once a doll Bridgette had, but now she's dead and just a soul.
  • Creepiest doll in the series so far.
  • She really is a ghost!
  • A field of lightning appears around her when she stomps her foot!
  • Every one of her appearances was marked "Not suitable for young viewers" until she could transform into a normal girl.


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